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Steven Universe Panel at Geek Girl Con


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 Pumpkin Spiced (up to Issue #6) Updated every Sunday on

“I have been reading Pumpkin Spiced for a few years now. What first got me interested in this comic was the characters. A group of adorable “weirdoes” who love coffee and goth fashion. This perfectly marries old school Nerd Burger and my love of goth comics with a relatable story. If only I had as good a fashion sense as Helga. Such a babe.” – Cazz 

“Lavoie has a very good understanding of comic book scripting as well as pacing her story. The humor is very well placed, even playing on itself as the characters scream at each other, “Your life is not a Manga!” Every panel of Pumpkin Spiced brings the reader’s eye right to the next – in both story and illustration”

– Heather Antos 

“Remember how much I hate zombies?  Well, Pumpkin Spiced’s Penelope is an exception, not just because she rocks some pretty snazzy spectacles, but because she tries hard to remain human andact human even though she is, as she admits, ‘decomposing’.  Swap the word ‘zombie’ for ‘eczema sufferer’ and it would probably read the same and be just as effective.  It’s about the fairly normal worries of very unusual people.  All of the girls are strong in their own right despite their troubles, and make sure they help each other wherever they can.  It’s a lovely little read mostly focusing on female friendships, which definitely ticks all the Girls Like Comics boxes.”

-Alice Vernon

“If you like top hats and tea parties, vampires and zombies, knitting and sewing, and fashion splash pages reminiscent of Betty & Veronica, then this “slice of life about friendship, love, and learning to be yourself” might be the series for you.”

“Overall, this story about running out of money, living with roommates, lying a little bit, and kind of being a jerk sometimes (oh, Violett), and it will likely resonate with anyone who’s been in their twenties. It’s cool to see Lavoie’s drawing style gradually change over time. I see the manga influence in her work, especially the page where Violett tells Trixi: “Your life is not a manga!””

– Amanda Murphyao


The Steven Universe Panel at GeekGirlCon (Photo Credit to Danny Ngan Photographey)

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