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She’s a social media influencer.

He’s an ancient cryptid.

Together they can hide from the crowds, cameras, and gossip but not from each other’s hearts.

Twenty-two year old Heather aka @honeybealatte is suffering from an epic case of burnout. So she does what any other young influencer would do: Ghost her social platforms, pack her best flowy dresses, and move to a desolate cabin in the woods.

Heather imagines spending her #unplugged days traipsing through the woods and tending to a garden, but her #cottagecore fantasy is turned upside down when a wounded cryptid crashes into her roof. Now she has #monsterproblems.

Without the help of her internet followers, and the local monster-hunter growing suspicious, what Heather pictured as a quiet retreat to the wilderness is suddenly getting very complicated. There’s a brooding winged man in her living room, and Heather is worried she may just be falling for him

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