Adding Retro Flair to your everyday life (and stories!)

“The story has a vintage feel to it …” My husband said. This was about a year ago, he had just finished reading my manuscript for “A GIRL CALLED MONSTER”.  The book was still rough around the edges, but full of heart and passion. I’d poured everything I had into this story, and this was … Continue reading Adding Retro Flair to your everyday life (and stories!)


A Girl Called Monster is out now!

Hip hip hooray! It's book release weekend 😀 "A Girl Called Monster" is available on kindle and paperback! A Girl Called Monster is a YA coming of age novel, with a modern-day Frankenstein twist. paperback ebook From the back cover, "Where she came from there were no windows. The sounds of buzzing equipment and the doctor's shouting rang … Continue reading A Girl Called Monster is out now!

Writing days & Photoshoot planning

Coffee. Musical Soundtracks and More Coffee. Good Evening Internet! At the time I'm writing this It's 5pm on Thursday, today I have eaten primarily pastries. Both sweet and savoy though, don't worry, I'm balancing that breakfast food pyramid. :p Thursdays have become writing days with my friend Taylor. We were brought together at Megacon two years ago, … Continue reading Writing days & Photoshoot planning