A Girl Called Monster

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Where she came from there were no windows. The sounds of buzzing equipment and the doctor’s shouting rang through her ears daily. It was too uncomfortable to call home and too familiar not to be. Like it or not, she was an experiment.

Filled with childlike wonder and innocence, she took pleasure in stories, imagining what it would be like to live in those pages. A longing growing deep inside her.

She knew she’d never have that life… Not in the lab. Not with them studying her every move. So she decided to do something terrifying.

She escaped.

Release date: December 15th 2017

This story was so amazing from the start it had me enthralled. The writing and character development was strong. You will learn to love the main characters as I did. 
Ms. Paige Lavoie is a truly a gifted Author, the way she draws you right into the story will keep you reading until the very end. You will laugh, cry and gasp as the story unfolds.

I highly recommend this book. -Goodreads Review

Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl

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Have you ever felt invisible? Barbara Jenkins did. Always. No one ever seemed to notice her. Not her classmates, and least of all the not her dreamboat crush who worked behind the counter at her favorite comic book store. For Barbara, it seemed like she’d never be anything more than a background character in the pages of her own diary. But then a new, lavender-haired student named Cassie takes the school by storm and claims Barbara as her new best friend. This invisible girl begins to explore life out of her comfort zone and is thrust into a dazzling world of conventions and cosplay. But, can Barbara handle the ups and downs of her first real friendship?


“Paige Lavoie’s Confidence tells the story of teenager Barbara who struggles with finding her own identity and voice while questioning what she really wants not only out of herself, but a partner. She begins by obsessing over her “Dreamboat” who works in the comic shop, but eventually figures out that pushing the walls of her comfort zone to let in people who want to know the real you is the only way to find the person who deserves your time and effort – and that person will come along when you least expect it (but preferably not wearing a superhero cape to a coffee shop). 

-Hello Giggles “Books that describe being in love” 

“From the moment you enter this world through the pages of Barbara’s diary, it becomes clear that writer Paige knows the geek world well. This becomes no more apparent than when Barbara attends her first convention with Cassie and the two of them fight over who should wear the Batgirl costume. “…, my name is Barbara! I should totally be Batgirl!””Um, I’m Cassandra, and Cassandra Cain is obviously the best Batgirl.” I instantly related to this ridiculous geeky argument and all of a sudden I realised how special this book would have been for me had I read it as a teen.” 

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