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My Top 10 Tips for Dapper Day


If you’ve ever paid a visit to my Instagram page, you know that I am kind of obsessed with Dapper Day. I love vintage fashion. I love Disney. Dapper Day merges those two things together in perfect harmony, and ever since the first time Matt and I visited, we’ve been all about it… I may or may not have 10k written so far in a short story about it that’s currently collecting dust on my computer. :X

With Dapper Day fast approaching in this month, I thought I’d share some advice I’ve gathered over the years for anyone who’s planning to join in on the fun.

Hit up your local vintage shops. If your looking for a unique piece, I recommend checking out some the vintage shops in your area. You never know what gems are hiding in the racks of dresses and dresses just waiting to be discovered. Some of my favorites are in the Orlando area are.

  1. Retromended
  2. The Lovely
  3. Dechoes
  4. Orlando Vintage

If it fits and you love it, grab that dress while you can! Nothing haunts you like vintage you’ve left behind. 😥13103397_10154140943469494_7586515446378350384_n

The sunlight is not your friend, and neither is the humidity. It takes a brave soul to wear their hair down in Florida. If you’re taking the risk, pack a scarf or a snood in your purse for the evening, just in case your hair goes flat. Also, prepare for the elements! My emergency kit includes

  1. a rain bonnet
  2. a parasol
  3. sunscreen (here’s my current favorite)
  4. bobby pins
  5. red lipstick (and any other touch up makeup you might need.)
  6. A fan.

Snacks and a water bottle is always a plus, especially if you’re going to be there all day.

Don’t be afraid to say hello! Like someone’s dress? Tell them! Normally, I’m really introverted/shy but this magical day is a happy exception. You can literally greet anyone with a smile and a “Happy Dapper Day” and usually they’ll respond back in kind. I’ve made many a friend by bonding over vintage hats, matching dresses, and sharing hair advice in line for a ride.

Explore off the beaten path. Spot a cute little walkway? An alcove in the mists of the craziness? Guess what friends? It’s photoshoot time! There are some great photo spots hidden in plain sight, or just around the corner. Epcot is especially great for this. (Just make sure you’re not walking past a “cast only” sign.


Make a dinner reservation. This is totally optional! But, If you frequent Disney, it’s nice to have an excuse to go to one of the onsite restaurants. A few years back we went to Primetime which was not only a blast but also has some great vintage vibes. If you’ve had a busy day it’s a great little chunk of time to unwind. The downside? It does make your schedule a little less flexible. But sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something fancy while looking fancy.

EDIT: (04/21/2017) Magic Kingdom is going to be offering boxed lunches for a “Picnic in the Park in Tomorrowland from 11-2:30 Definitely a lunch spot worth checking out. More details on

Color coordinate! There’s nothing like scrolling down Mainstreet matching with your honey. ❤

Escape to a quiet spot now and again. Going off of the last point, you’re going to get tired. Take some time to recharge your batteries…both metaphorically, and literally if your phone battery is looking a little low.  We like to grab a coffee and find a quiet corner to people watch, play on our phones, chit chat and just zone out for fifteen minutes. I recommend this to all of my dapper introverts out there.

Wearing heels? Pack a pair of flats. Note: If you ignore this advice, and are at Epcot, hobble over to the World Showcase. The shop in China has some really cute flats that saved my life last Dapper Day. (and I was not the only heel-clad lady buying a new pair of shoes that day.)


What kind of day do you want to have? Do you want to do a bunch of mini photo shoots around the park? Do you want to meet up with lots of friends? Do you want to spend most of the day with your sweetheart? Or meet every single character you possibly can?

We normally just stroll around and do whatever catches our fancy. But it’s always good to talk to your partner, or fellow party members before embarking on your adventure. There’s nothing wrong going to ride Soarin’ or the new Mine ride…however making sure your group is down to wait 90 minutes is a conversation worth having. If you’re in a large group there’s nothing wrong with breaking off and meeting back up later.

Don’t want the day to end? Consider a hotel stay. This can feel pretty decadent if you’re a local. But, if you’re looking for a weekend away and want to enjoy the pre-party and both days in the park it makes sense. Plus, there are often discounted rates In truth, we’ve only done this once for our anniversary. But omg… It was a really nice treat

xo Paige

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KiraKiraPop – A Kawaii Dance Party

Hey All!

A week ago, I would not have been able to tell you when the last time I went out dancing with my sister was. Especially just the two of us. A two years ago? Honestly thinking about it, it’s probably been way longer than that. So, when I saw a flyer for Kira Kira Pop a Jpop and Kawaii dance party posted around Orlando FL my first thought was to go together! IMG_20160827_220253 We arrived as soon as the event opened, and realized we where both pretty hungry. Luckily Bikkuri Lounge is connected to Bikkirui Sushi. Adored with paper wristbands, early in the evening seemed like the best time to go grab some dinner, figuring by the time we got back the party would be a little more hopping. 16-08-27-20-12-58-614_photo
“Did you want a large Sake or small?” Our waiter asked as we placed our order.

“Oh um…” I thought for a minute, we’d be out for a while, and sharing so why not go for a large. “A large would be great!”

Lily threw her head back and laughed “Oh man! Mom’s night out is getting crazzzzzy”I don’t actually know when the theme for our night became moms night out, but it persisted through the evening. I mean, I guess we both have fur-babies so it works. In the moument though combined with her expression and tone it was just too funny. We decided to split three rolls (which we honestly inhaled) and sat catching up for a little while.2016-08-27 (2)2016-08-27 (1)

“I don’t think it’ll be THAT crowded” Lily said finishing up the last of the rainbow roll. “It’s only been about an hour.” She had a point, but at the same time we’d overheard that the event was sold out, and we could already hear distance “wooo!”and sounds of a crowd forming.

Walking back into the lounge felt like another world. It was packed! It felt like an after party at a convention. Street Fashion, Cosplay, Lolita could be seen in every corner of the room, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. We quickly (after food settled) joined in on the dance floor. I’m not much of a dancer. If I’m on my Husband’s arm I can follow his lead fairly well. However alone, I bounced around like a Muppet, while lily did her impressive rendition of the lawn mower and shopping cart.

“Just two moms out on the town!” that girl ❤

You know the best part? Not once did either of us feel threatened, or did I look around the dance floor to see a creep girding on an unsuspecting patron. People where talking, complimenting each other, and sharing friendly words. But I didn’t see anyone noticeable being creeped on. We could just dance, and hangout without all of the worry that normally comes along with that.  They advertise this event as a “space space” and have rules posted on the walls around the venue. And it really did feel that way.


After flailing around the dance floor, chatting with some seriously lovely folks, and doing the twist to Jpop (proving once more that you can two-step and twist to literally anything) Though I was feeling super happy and having a great time, I was pooped. “Mom’s night out” as Lily called it was nearing it’s end. I turned to her seriously, suppressing a yawn and said.

“Hey… Do you want to go home and binge watch anime?”

“God yes.”


We traveled on back to my place, peeled off our giant fake eyelashes, and I put on My Love Story, telling her she’s fall in love with the characters. (they’re so pure) and we moved from their to School Live Club…which might have slightly scarred her for life with the twist at episode one, but she’s been eating through the episodes ever since.

We went from dancing around and eating sushi to sitting on a couch in kigirumis. I don’t think I could have asked for a better night ❤

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,


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My week in pictures May 31 – June 7th

This week was fun. It was the perfect balance of busy and relaxed that I love. It started off last Sunday, prettying up the garden,
Would you look at those tomatoes! 
Cafe con leche ❤ Not pictured, my wonderful friend Meaghan, we spent the day crafting, chatting, and she had her first (and I have a feeling, not last) Black Bean Deli Experience. Be on the lookout for the grand re-opening of her etsy shop! …I call dips on all the sailor moon bows…

While Meaghan worked on her new bows, I was busy making bats! Can’t wait to fill up my GeekyCon table with these glow in the dark cuties.

And speaking of cuties. I’ve been taking Oliver out for lots of strolls in his new chariot.He likes being outside and exploring so much, it’s really been perfect for him. 
FREE DOUGHNUTS DAY!!! Did you get yours? Was it delicious? Erin and I started our days with free donuts and coffee, then co-worked back at my place. Super fun! 

Saturday adventures with my beautiful Momma-Bear ❤ We started off at the etsy craft fair. Waiting in line to go in, and taking selfies. :p

Brunch ❤ Poached eggs with crab cakes and a sweet potato pancake. Much Fancypants.

Etsy Craft Party Haul! Most of this stuff was actually in our goodie bags. Except for that delicious looking pecan cheesecake, that my dear friends is actually a candle. A CANDLE?! Can you believe it? The temptation to bite into it is just too real. Check out more of her unbelievavble creations on Melissa’s candle bakery’s facebook page.  
Ended the week with a rose latte, target adventures, and crazy book jitters. “Confidence” comes out tomorrow! TOMORROW! I’m shaking just thinking about it. A giant thank you to anyone who’s pre-ordered the Ebook, and to everyone who’s asked how to buy a physical copy. They’ll be up for grabs as soon as the amazon listing goes live. Follow me on twitter, facebook, or instagram to stay updated. 
Wishing you a week filled with coffee, smiles and awesome. 
xo Paige
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Food Truck Festival!

Hey Pumpkinpies, 
Last night I went to my first food truck festival with my Husband, and
some friends.All of the food trucks were so unique and cute. Some of the
things we tried, included crazy fried chicken and waffles, and cajun egg rolls!
Who would have ever thought, Chicken and Waffles with tomato and
lettuce would be so fantastic? I was pleasantly surprised. 
Beer in a boot? Adorable. But, I still don’t understand. 
Food, Friends, and Funtimes ❤ Who could ask for more? 
xoxo Paige
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Things I saw canoeing

It’s taking all of my restraint not to start this blogpost
by bursting into “Just around the riverbend” from Pocahontas. 
Because yesterday, I went canoeing 🙂
Things we spotted: Two Manatees, An Alligator, 
tons of birds, and fish jumping out of the water, And 
to my dismay almost into the boat! 

I went canoeing once in the past, But it was nothing like this!
The scenery, company, and sunny blue sky made for the 
perfect day. It’s so fun to be get to be outdoorsy once in
a while. As long as i’m under the cover of tons of sunscreen
and a floppy hat. ❤
What are some of your favorite outdoor adventures
xoxo Paige