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Thursday Thoughts. Weddings, Disney & Dancing the night away.

It’s Thursday Morning.

I’m really sleepy as I type this. It’s nearly 9 and I haven’t gotten around to brewing my first cup of coffee yet. /yawn This week seems to be going by so quickly, and I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath from the very full/magical adventures that were this weekend. My best friend Meaghan. (who TBH is way more like a sister) got married on Sunday! It was such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. I was so happy to be apart of the bridal party to help them celebrate their special day.

And celebrate we did. Not only did we dance the entire night away thanks to the groom’s playlist. But the following day they organized a little Disney day, complete with Bride and Groom hats, and “Happily Ever After” buttons


Things I realized at Disney. 

Boat rides with any sort of drop still make me nervous.

Holy cow the popcorn smells amazing.

I would like a scented candle that smells like Main Street

I would also like to dive into a ball pit filled with Tsum Tsums

I am impressed with my willpower to resist buying said Tsum Tsums.

Skipping is faster than walking.

Duffy bear is really cute. I want to meet and hug him one of these days.

Like I really really want to pet his fur.

A DIY craft day for making mouse ears needs to happen.

I think Matt and I’s daily style makes people think it might be Dapper Day.

I from this day forward will always have a rain bonnet in my purse.


Oh and I have some of the best friends I could ever hope for. 

Cheers to more double, triple, quadruple dates in the future. Adventues, Twirling around in the rain, and to The Magical Girl and her Pokemon Trainer! Wishing the newlyweds so much love and happiness. xo Okay. Now time for some coffee and to start the morning!,

xo Paige

P.S Disney days seem to be becoming more of a thing now that Lilykins is back in FL, and I’d love to know, where’s your favorite place to eat in Magical Kingdom? Leave you’re thoughts in the comments or send me a tweet. @MrsPaigeLavoie

P.P.S My Rain Bonnet is from “The Bonnit” Click here to check them out

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Toothsome Chocolate Emporium @ Universal Studios City Walk

Good Evening Everyone!

I could not wait to share this adventure with you. Matt and I just got home from a double date at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal’s Citywalk, and wow….

Just wow.

I remember thinking that the concept photos looked amazing, but seeing it in person, I was honestly blown away. Showing you seems easier than telling you,


IMG_20160826_212418As soon as you walked through the door, This place was a 19th century dream, floating through a sky of cotton candy clouds and airships. The four of us walked back to our table, picking our jaws off the floor, and began pouring over the extensive menu.


While obviously one of the biggest draws to Toothsome is the indulgent concoctions of ice cream, marshmallows, cheesecake and magic, they aren’t just a candy shoppe. Their menu is filled to the brim with burgers, flatbreads, and best of all? An all day brunch section.




My head was turned by the idea of french toast originally, after speaking with Madam Penelope, the fictional owner who has her own trusted automaton Jaq, (and a full backstory!) We all decided to go a savory route, since we knew there was absolutely no way we wanted to test the limets of our sweet tooths and skip desert. Us ladies went for the quiche while the fella’s had some of the most impressive patty melts I’d ever seen. The bread was french toast. FRENCH TOAST!

16-08-26-21-00-26-991_photoWe ended the night with the chocolate cream brulee, the little touch of the powdered sugar gear really made it for me. I’d love to go back again, and dress up for the occasion.

Though I don’t know if I’d want to eat all of the desserts in a corset. But I’d settle for a moderate amount. ;p

If you have the chance to check out Toothsome Chocolate Factory, I absolutely recommend it.  From the moument you walk inside, the sites, the sounds, the costumes, and friendly robot. You’re instantly transported into Madam Penelope’s world. A world I will gladly visit again. I mean, I still haven’t tried one of the milkshakes, so clearly another trip is in order.

What intrigued you most of the menu? Let me know down below, or over on twitter, and we can geek out about all of this delicious food and theming together.

Till next time,


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High School Bookchat – Sailor Moon Backpacks & So much fun!

“Do you think they’ll laugh at me if I take my Sailor Moon backpack?” I asked my husband the night before my first “book chat” at a local high school. I was so nervous, more nervous than I had been in such a long time. I didn’t know what it would be like. I wasn’t sure If the students would think I was a total weirdo. I was homeschooled. I can count the times I’ve walked into an actual High School on one hand. It’s a little silly, but I was terrified I’d be reenacting that iconic scene from Mean Girls and eating lunch hidden in a bathroom stall, with tears streaming down my face.

I loaded up my backpack (Which I, of course, ended up taking.) with the old proof copies of “Confidence” in different print sizes and ugly temporary covers. I had to take it, not only to embrace my kooky self and all that good stuff but also because it’s literally the only bag I have that will fit all those books…which was also, you know pretty important.

I told you I was nervous, didn’t I? Well, the truth is, nervous is an understatement. The night before the book chat, a day that ended up being so wonderful, I sat on the very same couch I’m writing from right now, hyperventilating, in the worst panic attack, I’d had in months. I went to sleep and had a series of terrible stress dreams. In one I showed up to the school in pajamas. In other I was late.

And then after all of the worrying, I had an amazing day. A seriously amazing day. Matt was kind enough to drop me off, I checked in at the front desk, and was guided over to the Media Center. Media Centers are a fancy name for libraries? Did you know that? I didn’t know that! Anyways, we chatted until it was time to hop over to the first talk, which was in the 9th-grade media center.

Before it was time to start, I had just enough time to frantically jump up and down, wave and make silly faces in the window of my friend Lacy’s classroom. She’s one of those friends who I feel like I don’t get to see enough of, but every time I do, I just can’t help but light up. “She’s here!” she shouted, and to my surprise, a few of her students joined in with her excited cheers. She smiled, grabbing the door for me, and I sat in for a moment until the bell rang. This was the first time I had ever been in a proper Biology classroom.

Fun fact! As a youth, I dissected a cow heart in a friends mom’s basement. #homeschooledlife

We went over to the book chat together after the bell rang, which was nice. Things like this are always a little easier with a friend around. In total, I think it was around five students, myself, and some of the staff and we just talked. I showed them the proof copies of the book, talked about the process of creating it, and answered their questions. Sometimes it felt structured, and others it was candid and goofy. A lot of them were writers and artists which I thought was so amazing. One was even named Paige! And as the day went on and the groups of students changed from 5 to 10, to a full room of people the welcoming feeling of the first group carried on.

My last chat was actually after school during “Anime Club.” Upon entering the room, one of the students greeted me with a friendly smile and said, “I haven’t seen you here before! Are you a new member?” Bless her soul right? ❤

Fun fact! I was actually in an Anime Club in high school. It was just around eleven years ago. :p

After that, a girl named Isabella who had super fun blue hair told me she “could read Confidence every day” and another student said It was the first time she’d ever read a whole book in a single day! Whaaaaat?

I was so grateful. I think those words are honestly still sinking in. I wrote this book for them. And as someone who was a member of an Anime Club myself, it was really special to be back in that sort of setting as a guest. Typing that out, I still can’t believe it happened. I can’t imagine how my fifteen-year-old self would react if I could travel back in time and tell her. Life Goals have been met. Though, I can say with certainty my anime club had nothing on theirs! Not only was this club four times the size, but they were all so sweet and creative. It blew my mind – artists, writers, and even a few folks who made comics. Two of them even doodled pictures of me in the back of the classroom! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see this.

^ See what I mean?! I’ve always wanted to be an anime character. Thanks for making that dream a reality! (and let me know 1. If you’re reading this and 2. If you have a tumblr/art blog/ect. that I can link to) 

I really hope I helped inspire them to keep creating, and they share their stories with the world, I know first hand it can be so terrifying. Our stories are close to our hearts, really, they’re a part of us. It’s one of the most vulnerable things you can do, but it’s worth it. And you don’t have to do it alone. Publishing my book, I had the support of Matt, my editor Jen <3, and friends and family cheering me on. And without them, I’m not sure… I hate to think of this reality, but honestly, it could very well still be sitting on my computer, unedited, unread and collecting dust.

If I hadn’t published Confidence. I never would have gone to that book chat. I wouldn’t have had anything to chat about.

I’m not saying you can’t do it alone. But I think the journey is better with some traveling companions. After all, Frodo would never have made it to Mordor without Sam. I’ve let anxiety stop me from a lot of things. I’m really thankful that with the support of my friends and husband, I didn’t let it stop me this time. I’m so glad I met everyone I did, I just wish I had more time to talk to each and every one of them.

Oh, also! I want to share one of my favorite quotes from the day, with absolutely no context, but still, it’s one of those things I want to make sure I don’t forget. :p

“Chuck Norris was like, a meme before memes were a thing” 

I think that just really sums up who I am is terms of public speaking. Joking aside, I want to do this again! If you work at a school, library, run a book club, or are looking for speakers at a convention and you’d like to get in contact send an email over to, and I’ll be in touch soon. ❤

Till next time,

P.S If anyone was wondering, everyone loved my backpack. MOON PRIDEEEEEEE!

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Dapper Day Fall Soiree 2015

It’s Tuesday now, and I am snuggled up in my fuzzy robe drinking a homemade latte made by the ever dapper Mr. Lavoie and slowly yet surely waking up to start the day. I still feel like I’m recovering from the weekend! Theme park goers will tell you, the “Disney Hangover” is real. But oh so worth it ❤ This past Saturday on Oct 3rd was "Dapper Day's Fall Soiree" here in Orlando FL. Matt and I have only been to one Dapper Day in the past, and by golly was it fun! Needless to say we could not wait to gussy up and enjoy the day at Hollywood Studios. 

As soon as you walk into Hollywood Studios, you’re really thrown into a retro wonderland, for that reason, I think it was a great choice for Dapper Day. Every corner you turn you just want to stop and take photos, or interact with the kooky street performers.

Going for the “femme fatale look” As instructed by the director. :p I’m wearing the Elizabeth dress by Tatyana which not only fit like a dream but also had pockets! Which meant I could easily carry around my camera and phone all day!

Everything Matt’s wearing is honestly apart of his everyday wardrobe, The  Bow-Tie is from The Tie Bar. The hat we actually picked up on our Honeymoon is Eureka Springs from Hats, Hides & Heirlooms and his glasses are from
“I’m going to make you a star kid!”
Ran into our good friends Courtney & Adrian! Was so excited to see these two ❤ 
One of my favorite pictures of Matt from the day!
Took a picture with the cutest duck around. (sorry Donald!)

Snapped this cute picture of Matt while we waited for our reservation at Prime Time Cafe.

Prime Time is famous for their sassy waitstaff there whole gimmick is that you’re having dinner at your Aunts house. So, they treat you like family. No elbows on the table, No “walkie talkies” and NO SPITBALLS. The whole place is themed to look like a 1950s house, so I thought it would be the perfect place for us to fuel up before heading over to The Great Movie Ride to take the giant group photo, and it did not disappoint!

Example of sassiness, When I asked “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” I was met with a response of “YOU CAN’T TAKE A BATH HERE!” followed by a reminder to “wash my hands, and don’t play in the water.” Yes Ma’m!

We chatted with a cute couple who were disney-bounding Ursula and Hades while we waited for our table to open up, and they awesomely snapped this cute picture of us playing house ❤ This kitchen reminded me so much of my actual Grandma's kitchen back in Michigan! It was really nice to find a small slice of such a homey place during our disney day.

All smiles having dessert! How could we not be happy snuggled in a corner booth, with a pineapple upside down cake on the table below us. (it was delicious) We got through dinner without getting scolded, and our waiter complained that we were “The best children we’d seen all day” Which either meant we’d been misbehaving all day, or we had plans to go “parking” at Echo Lake that evening. I’ll take the latter 😉 
Leading the fleet with the power of my parasol! 
After taking the big ol’ group photo, riding on the great movie ride, and bopping around the park a bit more, the sun was setting and the lights on mainstreet we’re glowing. We grabbed a fancy mocha at the coffee stand outside of tower of terror, and found the perfect little bench to people watch. 

We sat there for a little while until  a photographer came up and asked if she could take our photo, instructing us to just keep doing what we where doing before 🙂 Sounds good to me! Her friend took a photo on my camera. (which is the one posted above) Can I just say, I LOVE how open, friendly and wonderful everyone was during the happenings of the day! A lot of times when you’re at a theme park you’re surrounded by a mix of overjoyed and totally stressed our tourists…

I think us dapper folks added in a lot of smiles to the mix! Even people who had NO IDEA what was happening seemed to be amused, or even expressed interest in joining in next year. The more the merrier!

We ended the night at The Boathouse at Disney Springs *cough cough* Downtown Disney *cough cough* When we walked up, and saw these amazing classic cars on display, we sat and gawked for a minute, but our collective jaws hit the floor when we found out these weren’t normal cars! They’re BOATS! “Anfibicars” to be exact. 
You can actually buy a tour on one of these babies and cruise along the water front. Our Anniversary is coming up so we decided to splurge a little and go for it! I caught some video of us cruising along in my Dapper Day video. But honestly, I can’t explain how surreal it was to be in the backseat of what looked like a classic car, riding along the water. It felt like we had entered an alternate universe! 
Thanks to all the folks that made Dapper Day oh so special! My Mr. for all the adventures,The friends we ran into and new friends we made during the day. 
Can’t wait to see you again in the spring! (and I may or may not be planning my outfit already) 

xoxo Paige
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Recovered from Jet Lag post!

I feel like I’ve been away for a while. To be honest, everything has felt so busy. Besides, hosting our second Geek Girl Brunch in Orlando this past Saturday. I’ve been a little bit of a lazy-daisy. Catching up on sleep, binge watching all of “SCHOOL-LIVE!” on crunchyroll. (It’s sooo good you guys!) and finally unpacking/shaking off jet lag.

What have I been up to lately? I flew back from a trip to visit my sister in California last week 😀 It was all and all a wonderful trip. We bopped around Melrose, Magnolia, & Burbank eating a lot of amazing food, snuggiling her baby kittens, and even taking photos with the hollywood sign.

It was my first time flying alone. And to be honest, I was so nervous. What if I couldn’t find my gate?! What if I missed my flight?  I had trouble sleeping for days before my flight left. But I’m happy to report everything went smoothly, and I spent the flight snacking on Biscoff cookies, and playing “Long live the queen” …and consequently loosing at Long Live The Queen, eight or ten times…

Lily and I talk on the phone all the time, but It was so good to actually get to hangout in the real world. 🙂 When we posted this picture on facebook some of our friends and family got really confused. The hair is a pretty obvious giveaway, but a few folks thought we might be wearing wigs. :p
Anyways, I have so many pictures and things I want to share, but I’ve decided to break them up into separate posts to keep this short and sweet. ❤ More super-awesome twin adventures soon!
xoxo Paige
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Geekycon 2015

Geekycon has come and gone, and I honesty can’t believe it’s over! A huge heart felt thank you to everyone who stopped by our table to snag a copy of the books, a bat, take a picture or say hello! You honestly made the convention so wonderful for us. ❤ 
The top of our display, we actually recorded a video of our process setting up so keep an eye out for that video on youtube. Matt made and put together our awesome display this year and I LOVE IT! ❤ Each of the speech bubbles either from Pumpkin Spiced or Confidence, and they actually unclip so that you can take pictures with them. So fun!
 ALL OF THE BOOKS! I was so happy to have Pumpkin Spiced #3 and Confidence for sale. Matt and I worked so hard to get them ready for print, and we were so excited to share them!
 Posing with a quote from Confidence for instagram. So cool! 
.Ultra awesome ladies posing with their new copies of Pumpkin Spiced #1, Dina from Geekella, and posing with my very own wizard card from the trolley witch. 😀 They made a bunch of cards featuring attendees as wizards to give out along with their chocolate frogs. All you had to do was submit a picture and short bio of yourself. Mine said, Paige Lavoie is a Hufflepuff Hogwarts Alumni who failed her all but one of flying courses. She wields a unicorn core wand in one hand & an almond milk latte and in other and spends her time writing stories, drawing comics & making youtube videos.”  Thanks trolley witch! It was magical ❤
 Our friends and convention-neighbors from last year Amanda and Katy posing and I posing with quote signs! “I WOULD NEVER HATE OUR FICTIONAL CHILDREN!” was a crowd favorite
Posing with their new batty friends ❤ 
    Matt and I wandered around the vendor room together on Sunday morning and came across an adorable husband and wife duo who run “WizardBrooms” Handmade magical looking broomsticks made with care, and so much character! After browsing through their collection we knew we couldn’t leave the convention without one. I’m glad to have a broom in the house that suits our magical little cottage. Thanks WizardBrooms! There’s a video of me “flying” around artist alley that might make it into my GeekyCon video. :p It’s super ridiculous 

Over in the back corner of the Marketplace there were two tables with post-it notes set up. One said “I love my” the other said “I’m grateful for” throughout the weekend the table filled up with more and more little notes. Here’s mine. a picture of mie :p  I thought this was such a fun positive thing to have at the convention. Every time I walked past it made me smile. 🙂 More Geekycon posts to come! For now, I’m going to pour myself another cup of coffee, snuggle with my puppy and (maybe) start unpacking :p

Thanks for all the love and support and I’ll talk to you soon!
xo Paige

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My week in pictures 13-19

It’s crazy to think all of these pictures are only from one week! So much has happened. Lets recap together 😀 

On Monday, I did my first “wet-set” with my hair, and it got SO POOFY! Right before I started to take the curlers out my best friend Meaghan stopped over. She literally had to wait 30 minutes for me to brush it all out. :p Friendshipppppp

Super awesome shopping adventures!! 
Just in time for GeekyCon at the end of this month, my new fancy buisness cards came in the mail. My husband Matt designed them, they have quotes from both Confidence and Pumpkin Spiced on one side, and all my social media goodness on the back! So awesome ❤  
Obviously we have to have at least one sleepy Oliver picture in the mix. 
Spent most of the week sewing these cute little bat plushies to sell at GeekyCon, only 60 (ish) more to go! 

Saturday morning was ultra special, and a day that so many of us have been waiting for! Geek Girl Brunch launched in Orlando! As one of the GGB officers, I am so pleased to say that we had such a spectacular turn out! If you want to learn more about the event, check out and keep your eyes peeled for a recap post by yours truly!

Brunch was Marvel themed, so I channeled my inner Peggy Carter, and my lovely friend Roo (Noctum Cosplay) busted out a Casual Cap cosplay and looked amazing! I wish we had gotten a better photo together, but I love this one!

There’s been a little baby lizard scurrying all over the house over the past week, last time I saw her she was in the bathroom. But she always runs away way too fast to pick her up and take her back outside. Finally on Saturday she was hanging out on the wall by the desk, and Matt and I were able to get her back to her home. ❤ Bye Henrietta! Hope I see you around the yard again. xo  

Sunday was NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! And we happily went over to Kelly’s Homemade Ice Creams new storefront and enjoyed ❤

My ice cream. Mexican Chocolate in a waffle cone! So much delicious!!! 
So, those were some of my adventures last week, an I would love to hear about yours. What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below, or send me as tweet at @MrsPaigeLavoie
xo Paige
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Bastille Day in Audubon Park!

This past Saturday in Orlando there was an early “Bastille Day” festival in Audubon Park. The mere thought of crepes alone was pretty much enough to peak my interests. Not to mention the photos from last year, and event list looked like a lot of fun. Matt and I decided to gussy up and hop on over to check it out. Since it’s actual Bastille Day today It seemed like the perfect time to share some of our adventures with you! Here’s what I wore, 
What I’m wearing: Skirt -Tatyana Hat – Vintage (Nabbed from The Pinup Moose
Shirt -Platos Closet (no label) and the shoes are Naked City Clothing in Portland
We showed up a little early in the day to the celebrations and took a leisurely stroll down Corrine Dr. hopping into a few of the shops along the way. From the sight of the blue, red, and white balloons pinned to signs out front, It was clear the store owners were just excited as we where. That being said, I never expected to be greeted with smiles and applause when we stepped inside of “The Lovely” They thanked us for dressing up, took our picture in front of the awesome french themed backdrop, and offered us two glasses of champagne! I know right?! Thanks to the fine folks at “The Lovely” for totally making me blush, and giving us the warmest welcome EVER! 

Next, we hopped over to Redlight Redlight for their indoor market that featured everything from Vintage clothing to homemade marshmallows! Which were delicious, we ended up bringing home a box of the bourbon flavor. 🙂 We actually ended up camping out for longer than expected because a huge thunderstorm rolled in from out of nowhere! That’s FL for you I suppose. :p We sipped our drinks, browsed, and mostly just spent the time chatting. In retrospect I kind of wish I had taken a picture of the market. But instead, please enjoy this back light selfie of Matt and I.

You know that old saying, “The couple who fences with french bread together, stays together.” That’s totally a thing right? Marie Antoinette said I was on her team. TEAM CAKE! Too bad my loaf suffered the same fate as her head 😦 Check out the video down below ❤

Such an intense battle! 
We got our crepes! So happy 😀 These are from a local food truck called The Crepe Company, and believe me, they did not disappoint. I had the Honey, Apple and Brie crepe, and Matt got the Monte Cristo crepe… We were still a little hungry though, so we also had had some ice cream from Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. The Pistachio flavor was a thing of dreams.  
And all all it was a fun, small event and it made for an awesome date-day. I would totally go back again next year. 🙂
Till next time,
xo Paige
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My Week in pictures 6-13

It’s the end of the second week of July, and about to get very very busy! Next weekend Geek Girl Brunch Orlando launches, and at the end of the month we’ll be heading over to GeekyCon to party in the artist alley ❤ So much to do! For now, lets jump into this past week in pictures. 

Monday was my first livestream, and although there were a few bumps in the road, I am so grateful to everyone who showed up, and had an awesome time reading the first chapter of “Confidence” . This picture was snapped just a few minutes before I started.

It wouldn’t be a “My week in pictures” post without one snoozy Oliver picture. She seriously napped like this for about an hour straight silly pup. 
 I always see this pretty pink flowers around Orlando, so I decided to stop and take a picture and share them with you. The color is so vivid, it’s hard to believe they’re real. 

 My long hair was driving my BONKERS! On friday I booked a last minute appointment and finally got a “middy” haircut. They’re supposed to be awesome for vintage styling. I guess I’ll brush up on my pincurl skills. :p

Saturday there was an early “Bastille Day” celebration in Audubon Park, which was such a blast, and I think deserves a post of it’s own ❤ But for now, here's an awesome GIF that G+ made of Matt and posing in front of the photo wall at “The Lovely” 

Marie Antoinette said I was on her team. TEAM CAKE! Too bad my loaf suffered the same fate as her head 😦 The video of this will be up in my Bastille Day post tomorrow 😀 

Other things of note this week, 
Confidence reviewed on North East Nerd  along with two other YA novels. 🙂
“There is something about diaries that I love to read. Barb’s diary is full of nerdy references from comics, to anime to Adventure Time to squirrel zombies – it has it all.” -North East Nerd 
Click here to read the full review, and check out her other recommendations. 

What was your favorite part of last week? Mine was definitely fencing with french bread on Saturday! Let me know in the comments below, or send me a tweet @MrsPaigeLavoie 

See you next time! 
xo Paige

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My Week in Pictures 8-14

Happy Monday! 
Phew! What a week it has been! On Monday night Matt and I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning…Okay, well, it was just Midnight. When did midnight start feeling so late?! Anyways, the reason we stayed up watching food wars, was to press the “publish” button on “Confidence” My first novel! 😀 Which is live now on Amazon, if you want to read more, check out my last blogpost, and snag a copy for yourself in paperback or kindle here

On Tuesday I decided to film my announcement video out in the garden, this picture was snapped while I was waiting for a plane to pass by!

My first time trying the “Taro” Boba and I was not disappointed! I think mid-week boba breaks should totally be a thing. Maybe one day I’ll get though the entire menu. yum ❤ This one reminded me of fruit loops for some strange reason. Does anyone else feel that way about Taro? 

On Saturday we had a shin-dig! And enjoyed the last weekend of spring with some friends. Matt made these darling little dirt cups, that were a huge hit! pudding, oreos, and either a sprig of mint or a strawberry. Needless to say, the standard gummy worms that normally come along with these snacks where not missed.

I didn’t take tons of pictures, well not on my phone at least. We took the opportunity to bust out the Polaroid, and I am so glad! With everything that’s been going on lately I feel like I’ve been a little glued to my phone. It was great to relax, unplug and eat, drink and hula hoop with some of my best friends. ❤ 

What kind of adventures did you have this week? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet @MrsPaigeLavoie and I’ll see you again soon!
xoxo Paige