A Mothman Romance Novel?!

Hey There!,

It feels surreal to think ahead to 2023, the idea that I’ll have two new books for sale is such a dream. I’ve written a lot over the years and have been querying a few other stories for the last few months. I did not expect to be making any more book announcements–especially not so soon. Thankfully the good people at 4Horsemen had other plans. 

I’M IN LOVE WITH MOTHMAN will be hitting shelves in December 2022! That’s right, I have a new paranormal romance coming out this year? Honestly, I’m a big ball of excitement and nerves and I can’t wait to share this story with you. If you’ve ever wanted to…

✨ Log off the internet forever
✨ Live your cottagecore fantasy in the woods
✨ Kiss the local cyrptid 

This book is for you. I wrote this story thinking “What if cheesy Christmas movie’s/books were written for people who LOVE Halloween?” It’s cute, cozy escapism and being my first ever adult romance–just a tiny bit of spice. 

Paige Lavoie posing with a mothman stuffed animal to celebrate the announcement of her debut Adult Paranormal Romance I'm In Love With Mothman

22-year-old Heather is suffering from an epic case of burnout. So she does what any other young influencer would do, ghost her social platforms. gather up her best flowy dresses and move to a desolate cabin.

Heather imagines spending her #unplugged days traipsing through the woods and tending to her garden. The cottagecore fantasy is turned upside down when a wounded cryptid crashes into her roof–and her heart.

With no help from her internet followers, and the local monster-hunter growing suspicious, Heather’s quiet life in the wilderness has suddenly become a little more complicated. To make matters worse, she thinks she might be falling in love with the brooding winged man in her living room.

Want to see more of the vibe? Check out my Pinterest board below. 

“December? But I want to kiss
Mothman now!!”

Sweet reader, I hear you, and I relate to those feelings. (That’s why I wrote this book) We are currently building a street team of monster-loving readers to help with the release. Want to be apart of the I’M IN LOVE WITH MOTHMAN hype team? You’ll get… 

❤ A look at the GORGEOUS book cover before anyone else. 
❤ An E-ARC of the story to review on GoodReads or Amazon
❤ An exclusive reading of the story (digital -details TBD)
❤ Entered in a special giveaway to win a signed paperback and themed swag.

As the book has a few adult scenes, you must be 18+ to participate. Sign up HERE or at the link below. 


Thank you for all your love and support on this announcement both on Tiktok and Instagram! I’m so overwhelmed and delighted to share this story with you ❤

xo Paige

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