Another new book?! OUR OWN LITTLE UNDERWORLD has found a home with Orange Blossom Publishing!

“I’m going to order a fancy sushi box when I get an offer for this book,” I said to my husband Matt after yet another rejection. I had been querying my Hades and Persephone retelling OUR OWN LITTLE UNDERWORLD for a few months–honestly not that long in the query trenches, but after a few ‘we would love to see more from you, but this isn’t the right fit for us at this time.’ emails, I wanted to keep my spirits up. “Good things are just around the corner,” I told myself, I daydreamed about spicy tuna rolls and a shiny email in my inbox. I just didn’t think I’d be celebrating so soon! 

I’m delighted to announce that OUR OWN LITTLE UNDERWORLD is going to be published by Orange Blossom Publishing June of 2023! This means I have TWO BOOKS coming out next year. I wrote this manuscript at the start of the pandemic. Starring Hayden: The punk son of a mortician, and Percy the sheltered daughter of a midwife, this story of two teenage runaways became my escape. After an hour of doomscrolling, I would get lost with these characters and write until the small hours of the morning. I can’t wait to introduce you to these cinnamonrolls. For a little preview of the characters check out this art I commissioned over on Instagram. 


After getting dragged out of her school’s winter formal, 17-year-old Percy Bloom needs to escape her controlling mother, fleeing into the cold night, she’s lost, alone, and freezing.

Ditched by his date and attacked by bullies, Hayden Addams, wants nothing more than to be done with high school forever. He finds Percy shivering in the woods,
and brings her back to the first place he can think of–his family’s funeral parlor.

Percy is charmed by Hayden and his usual family. Eager to help her get away from her problems, and forget his own Hayden offers Percy everything she needs, a truck, a destination, and the prettiest blue eyes she’s ever seen.

Together the two hit the road, letting their hopes, dreams, and sparks fly along the way. But, can the two arrive at a future without confronting their pasts?


I’ll share updates about the publishing process as I have them. I cannot wait to dive into this adventure! Speaking of publishing updates, if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that the A GIRL CALLED MONSTER cover was announced earlier this month, and Y’ALL ITS GORGEOUS! You can pre-order your copy directly from Parliament House or an ebook on Amazon or Barnes and Noble 

Me holding coffee and a photoshopped copy of A GIRL CALLED MONSTER on cover reveal day. Really showcasing #momlife over here with the giant pile of laundry, and my sweet babe stealing the show. Oh yeah, btw yup, I’m a mom now. It has really been that long since I’ve posted a blog. Subscribe to my mailing list for the latest updates on everything going on with books/life! I’ll be sharing once a month with snippets, character art, and blog-style posts!

Thank you so much for the support over these past years! I’m so excited to share these new stories with you. 
XO Paige

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