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Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that my video with Erstwilder TV went live today! Click here to check it out, and join me for a little creative writing.  


As promised, here’s what I wrote during the sprint (plus a few extra paragraphs because I was feeling inspired) I don’t typically dabble in fantasy with my own writing, so this was a fun departure for me. I have some serious D&D and Dragon Age feels drumming up inside of me. It’s a little messy, but as I said in the video, aren’t most rough drafts?


     “Um… Are you sure we should be doing this?” Iris sighed, nerves swelling in her stomach. She was further from her post than she was supposed to be, and could see the once gleaming blue skies, dimmed with hues of grey. It was getting late, too late to be this far away from the village, and certainly too late to be alone with Caleb. His smile was as broad as her shoulders, his voice sweet as honey, but she knew from their years of friendship that if crossed, his words could have the sting of a bee. Try as she might, when he asked if she wanted to go on an adventure, Iris had a hard time saying no–Especially since it had been so long since they’d seen each other.

    Her guild had been exploring the caves to the north, while Caleb stayed behind. When the two walked next to each other, people would whisper, “What’s a warrior doing with the apprentice of a shoemaker?”

Iris wasn’t sure why anyone would care about something so silly.

    Right now, in the dim light, she had her mind on something else. Why did Caleb want her to come out all this way? And why did he have that look in his eyes? Green eyes wide, and filled with hope, nerves, and something else that made her heart twist into a tight knot.

    “Iris,” his voice was a low whisper that drew her in closer to his side. “I need your help.”

   “My help?” She drew back, why bring her all the way out here just to ask for her help?

   “Shhh!!” His eyes darted around the wood suspiciously, as if he was worried an old oak tree carry away whatever secrets he held tight at his chest. Iris watched his run his fingers through his mop of red hair, and let out a sigh. Whatever this was, she could tell it was really getting to him.

   “I won’t be able to help you if you don’t tell me what’s going on.” Putting her hands on her hips, she tried to remain calm and unbudging–still, she could feel the blush covering her face the minute his light green eyes met hers.

   Caleb whispered something under his breath, hands shoved deep in his pockets. Iris stood next to him, wondering if she should ask him to repeat himself. Julie, the bard, typically did most of the talking on their adventures.

  This was Caleb, she knew she didn’t need to be nervous around him. He wasn’t a monster to fight, or an enemy to talk down. He was her oldest friend.

Nothing could ever change that.



“You’ve been on a lot of adventures, right?”

“I suppose so.”

“And you’ve seen a lot of weird stuff.”

   Iris smirked and managed a small nod, with her guild ‘weird’ was an understatement. Every week seemed like another misadventure, but she loved them all the same.

   “So, you know about monsters? How to um…” his green eyes suddenly looked different in the setting sun. Why was he getting so nervous? He wondered

   “Why did you bring me out here?” She asked, taking a step back, and suddenly studying her old friend. She hadn’t realized just how nervous he looked until now, with shaking hands he reached out, lifting his right sleeve, to reveal a bandage, and with a sharp tug, he let it unravel, falling like a ribbon onto the fallen leaves.

A bite mark, more substantial than anything she’d ever come across, covered his forearm.

   “So, uh… I think I got bit by a werewolf.” His voice was almost sheepish, “And I need your help to find the culprit in, uh, let’s see.”

Iris’s heart plummeted. Not only did it seem like he wasn’t taking this seriously, but the next full moon was in two days.

   “Why would you waste your time bringing me all the way out here, unless,” Iris thought out loud “…You think the wolf is someone in the village, don’t you?”

His silence said it all. 

“Well then, I guess we’re going to go find a werewolf…” 


Or to be continued…

Did you create a character? What exciting adventures did they get up to? My story definitely went in a direction I didn’t except, I would love to hear, how you incorporated the prompt as well! Let me know in the comments! I’m excited to hear what you dreamt up!

Till next time,

xo Paige

*Disclaimer I am apart of the Erstwilder “influencer program” and was

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