Virtual Read-A-Long on Writer’s Atelier!

Hi Ya’ll

As a lot of you may know Writer’s Atelier is my home away from home, here in Orlando FL. While the studio is closed in compliance with CDC guidelines, they’re bringing their workshops and events online! I was delighted to read Chapter 1 of my first novel “Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl” live on their facebook page last Thursday!

If you missed the live video, you can watch it on the facebook page 😀 Thank you so much for tuning in, saying hello, and laughing along with me during the event!

paige lavoie read along

If you’d like to continue on with the story, Confidence is $0.99 on Kindle until the end of the month. ❤

Link to Buy:

Shop local at Writer’s Block:

If you’re interested in supporting the studio during these trying times, please consider doing so through the Writer’s Atelier Patreon:

And subscribe to the youtube channel to see more of my face every single Monday! If you didn’t know I do the “Motivational Minute” so, if you’re in need of a little writing pep-talk we’ve got you covered!

Sending you all of my good vibes!!

xo Paige

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