A Girl Called Monster – Fan Casting!

It’s October!

The spooky spirit is in the air, and I’m dreaming about witches, vampires, and monsters.

Well, one monster in particular…

AGirlCalledMonster Cover.png


Author Fan Casting.

I think about Monnie often. It’s like that with all of my fictional characters. You live with them in their head for so long, that they don’t just go away. I’ll hear a song and think,

“Monnie would love this.” Or see a dress, and think “Oh she would totally wear this! It’s totally her style!” I wrote A LOT! In google docs, in scrivener, in every notebook I could get my hands on, and in that time I’ve thought a lot about what my character might look like… as well as who would play them in a movie adaptation 😉

I made that was originally posted as apart of the YA Scavenger hunt. (hosted on Cecily Wolfe’s blog) But I had so much fun making it, I thought now that YASH is over, I’d share it here as well!


AGirlCalledMonster FanCasting.png



Monnie” – Brittany Lee

This was an easy choice for me, in my dream movie cast my cover model Brittany (@withdropsofjupiter on instagram) would be my monster! Brittany is an old soul with a childlike sense of hope and wonder, and a spirit of joy that would be perfect for the role. Plus she looks EXACTLY like the main character. (You can check out the behind the scenes video of the cover photoshoot here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXztT-1kDX8&t=167s )

Victor “The Doctor” – Tom Hiddleston

While I was writing A Girl Called Monster, I always pictured Tom Hiddleston! He plays a villain extremely well, all while maintaining a charming quality. It doesn’t matter how attractive the doctor is, a few pages in we can already see that he is the real “Monster” of our story. I feel like Tom Hiddleston would bring the role to life in a way that really showcased that, and give the character a lot of depth on screen.

Igor -KJ Apa

This casting choice is a result of watching a heck of a lot of Riverdale while I was sick last week. Seeing KJ as “The boy next door” Achie Andrews slip into darkness in the second season made me think he’d be a pretty cool choice for Igor… And that’s all I’m going to say about that before I get into spoilers!

Sam – Saoirse Ronan

I thought long and hard about this one. When writing Sam I always thought of her as tough. But, my friend Taylor Simonds (Author of COLLATERAL DAMAGE 2019, Parliament House Press) recently described her as a “Cinnamonroll” while talking about the book. And I feel like Saoise Ronan would balance tough and sweet perfectly. Not only does she have incredible range, but I’d long to see her as a protective big-sister type of friend. (and with long green hair!)

Read the book and have other casting suggestions? Let me know who you pictured as you read the story, and If you haven’t had a chance, and you’d like a modern twist on the Frankenstien tale. Pick up a copy of “A Girl Called Monster” to wrap up your October! https://amzn.to/2vOMKFh

I hope you enjoy it!

xo Paige

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