From Red to Blonde

Hey everyone!

I never know how people are going to react when I dye my hair.  I’ve heard “I liked _insert hairstyle here_ better” from acquaintances more times than I can count. I brace myself for reactions while trying not to may them too much mind. Hair grows back. For me it’s been a low-risk way to change, experiment, and feel a bit refreshed.


I’ve had some version of red hair for a few years now, and it’s felt like a big part of my identity in a lot of ways.  So, to be honest, though I was excited. I was also a little nervous. What if everyone hated it? And more importantly, what if I hated it?


Going from red to blonde in one appointment isn’t super common so we decided to see how light my hair would lift. (with the least amount of damage) and take it from there. I expected I’d leave the salon with some sort of strawberry blonde shade.


I try to bring a book with my everytime I go to get my hair done. This visit I read “Paper of Plastic” by local author Vivi Barnes. It was such a sweet summer romance, with tons of emotion. My eyes welled up more than once. 10/10 would recommend.


At a certain point we realized my hair was lifting realllllllly well. We ended up having to process the front twice, and before toning, I was left with a pale pumpkiny color.


Here’s the results from “step one” I still need to go back in and have my roots done, and everything toned more of an icy blonde color. But overall I’m so happy with this change. I’ve been having a lot of fun with stying and playing with new curl sets. The picture above was probably my favorite brush out. I think I might make an instagram T.V video “get ready with me” soon 😀

For more hair/retro fashion and book updates feel free to follow me over there! 

And P.S Speaking of book updates,  my first novel “Confidence: The diary of an invisible girl” is going to be free on kindle this Saturday! I’ll post a little reminder when the promotion is live. I’m excited to get to share this nerdy diary with more of you!


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