Virtual Write-In’s Every Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

I love write-ins, both in person and online I think they are one of the best tools we have as writers to rally with a community and get our word counts up. Most of our work as writers is done alone, and it can feel isolating. Write-ins provide a change of pace, encouragement, and always put an extra spring in my step. I’m writing to you all today to let you know, I finally started hosting a weekly virtual write-in over on my twitch channel!

Every Tuesday at noon, feel free to come share what your writing, ask questions, and hang out with, while I lead us in (optional) word prompts and sprints 😀 I’m still battling the “livestream jitters” but every week I feel like I get a little more comfortable with the format. I streamed for the first time today in weeks, and It was so much fun! I’m looking forward to trying out, even more, things in the future, and I hope to have you along for the journey!

Title Screen (3)

Till next time,



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