Hello 2017, I’m new here.

We are a week into the new year, and I feel like I’m finally starting to get my barings. I like the energy a new year brings. I always feel like I get a rush of inspiration to start new projects. (as well as a somewhat crushing pressure to finish old ones.) But so far my 2017 has been good. Filled with the beautiful cliche’s of meal prepping, working out again, hurrying up to finish my manuscript- and ending with new projects, honey and cinnamon lattes, thunderstorms and puppy snuggles.

One of the wonderful things that happened this week was the Magical Girls Rock! Panel was approved for ECCC. We did the panel last year at Geek Girl Con, and all still keep in touch on a group chat on facebook. Much like a Magical Girl story, we were randomly selected to join forces, and have become friends in the process who have been geeking out together ever since. The moment the panel ended we all looked at each other and said “We need to do that again!” and now that it’s happening,  the vibe has been very “We’re getting the band back together!” I cannot wait to be reunited with these lovely ladies to dive deeper into this beloved genre, and in Merri from FakeGeekGirls podcasts words “tear it apart” It’s going to be a blast.


(Photo snapped by the wonderful ggc photographers more like this are up on their Flickr page https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/geekgirlcon )

If you’re going to ECCC and would like to stay in the look, definitely RSVP on the facebook event page. It’s going to be a party ❤


Anywho, right now I’m finishing up my coffee and waiting for my hotrollers to cool down before styling my hair and heading to a vintage clothing sale, in hopes to find some pairs of pants or a cute jacket to keep me warm during some winter travels.

…We all know I’m probably just going to come home with dresses :X

Till next time,



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