NaNo, Coffee & Otome Games

I had too much coffee. My hands jittered slightly as I spent the morning answering emails, and as I type this they are wanting to move too quickly to type properly during this blog post. They fumble and I backspace, and then they fumble again. Backspace. Forward. Typing out half finished words and then erasing them. It’s not like NaNo at all.

If It were, I’d let the half sharpened words, with their red squiggly lines, remain, until I corrected them later. But, It doesn’t seem fair to subject you to reading that. Blogposts probably shouldn’t read like those “rearrange the words” puzzles. Unless you’re Sherlock Holms, then it might be somewhat entertaining. Speaking of which, Is anyone else playing Gaurd Me Sherlock? I needed something to fill the Mystic Messenger void once I finished. It can be surprisingly hard to find a good Otome game in the vast market of google play. So far this once had a likable MC, and the art and character development have been pretty natural as well. I’m also somewhat clueless on what’s going on with the mystery. A little intrigue goes a long was in these games.

…Mystic Messenger set the bar set the bar so high!

Anyways, today has been a day of reading through the final manuscript for my (still untitled) Monster novel, replying to emails, and resisting the creeping urge as the coffee wears off to snuggle a fuzzy puppy on the couch and catch some sweet sweet Z’s for a few blissful moments. But I should really get to setting up my studio lights and filming a couple of videos. Let’s hope my return to vlogging isn’t too clunky… It’s been weeks since I’ve filmed. :/

Wishing you all a happy weekend, filled with adventures, rest, and beautiful bursts of creativity.

xo Paige

Update: I successfully finished the day without relying on more coffee or taking a nap! Go me!


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