Geek Girl Con <3

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since GeekGirlCon. I’ve been wanting to recap the weekend in a blogpost ever since I got back, but whenever I sit down, I’m not even sure where to start. I feel like no matter what I type, I’m not going to do the convention justice. I’ve known about GGC for a few years, and a few months ago, I decided it was finally time to take the plunge and apply to be a contributor. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but was ecstatic when they reached out and asked if I wanted to be on the Magical Girl & Steven Universe panels and do a book signing! A million times yes!! I was honestly a little nervous. It was my first time doing anything like this, and I’d heard so many amazing things about this convention.

What if I messed up? What if it didn’t live up to my expectations? I couldn’t help having those nagging doubting thoughts, but I’m so happy to report that from the moment I walked inside I loved it so much. I spent so much time look around at all of the vendors, cosplays and chatting with fellow panelist and con-goers, I didn’t honestly take too many pictures

There was so much to see and do! Picking up my camera honestly didn’t even cross my mind. Which honestly was kind of refreshing! It was my first time in Seattle, for a Florida girl the weather was such an amazing change of pace. I learned pretty quickly that I should keep my rain bonnet in my pocket at all times lol. It’s not that it was necessarily raining, but there seemed to be a steady mist on most of the days.



After picking up my …what are these things called, name plate? name sign?


Whatever! The thing with my name on it to put on the table for panels/signings and stuff, I went in search for the Ada‘s books booth. I’d been emailing back in forth with them, and knew they’d have copies of Confidence for sale. I really wanted to meet them in person, and pay my books a visit as well! This was the first time I’d seen them for sale at a convention, where I wasn’t the vendor. It made me so happy. If you’re in Seattle, there should be some signed copies just waiting for a new home at their brick and mortar store, Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe  just waiting to be apart of your reading list!



Magical Girls United and ready to go! Here we have Natasha, (Fearless Photoworks) Katie (FakeGirlGirls Podcast) and N’Donna our magical girl senpai (mahoshojogakuen) We decided to meet up before the panel, since it would be our first time meeting in person. We had a big group email where we’d been chatting in preparation and I was so excited to meet them in person! We where all a little jittery, and where able to bond and freak out together once we heard that the panel had capped out.

Luckily once we got started the conversation flowed so naturally! We chatted afterwards about reuniting and getting to do this panel at another convention in the future. I really hope it happens. Honestly, there is so much to say about this genre, and I feel like we could have talked for days about magical girls.



After the panel on a lunch run, I had to stopped in my tracks when I saw this awesome Orion cosplayer! I had been playing Amnesia Memories during the flight, and am causally obsessed with completing each and every route! (*-*) I thought this cosplay was too perfect! She got all of the little details right, and just looked so cute!


Day 2

We started our morning at The Crumpet Shop, which became my favorite breakfast spot during our trip to Seattle! The Egg, Cheese and Tomato crumpet was so nice I had it twice.

…On two separate days, but still…

I could eat that forever.


I was so happy to see that Sammus and I where on the same signing block. She is an amazing musician and Matt and I had the pleasure of seeing her preform at the GGC Pre-Party on Friday. You could not help but feel hyped, while watching her on stage, her songs filled with pride, nerdom, and I encourage you all to check her out, and pre-order her upcoming album! “Pieces in Space” which will be out later this week on the 28th!

Thanks to everyone who came to say hello and have their books signed! You guys seriously made my day!! If any of you are reading this right now- you are amazing. Best wishes on your own stories and art projects! I’m cheering for you guys right now from across my computer screen. 😀 NaNoWriMo is just a little over a week away, let’s be writing buddies okay?

Anyways! Back to the convention,

After the signing, Matt and I hopped over to lunch with some extended family, with just enough time for me to nervously pace around for a half hour before the Steven Universe panel… Which was good, because honestly, left to my own devices I would have been way too nervous to eat. I had no idea was going to be on the main stage! We hadn’t planned on meeting before hand, and I was worried I’d complacently blank out on stage. n the comfort of my living room, I can geek out about Steven Universe for hours…but on stage? Bahhhh!!

Luckily it went off without a hitch, and the other ladies on the panel where beyond amazing. We had Eula Scott Bynoe as the mod, who was so talented at making everyone feel at ease, and keeping the conversation going, Jennifer Paz, the voice of Lapis Lazil on the show (one of my favorite characters!) who shared her own personal experience, and a peak of what it’s like to work on the show, which was so interesting to hear about. And Wendi Chen an illustrator who makes the cutest fanart. I felt honored to be apart of the conversation and hope to see them all again at another con!


After panel selfies.

The weekend went by in a whirlwind, and I’m so thankful for every moument. A huge thanks to GeekGirlCon for everything. It was an unforgettable weekend that made my face hurt from smiling. ❤

I hope to see you all next year!

xo Paige

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