Thursday Thoughts. Weddings, Disney & Dancing the night away.

It’s Thursday Morning.

I’m really sleepy as I type this. It’s nearly 9 and I haven’t gotten around to brewing my first cup of coffee yet. /yawn This week seems to be going by so quickly, and I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath from the very full/magical adventures that were this weekend. My best friend Meaghan. (who TBH is way more like a sister) got married on Sunday! It was such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. I was so happy to be apart of the bridal party to help them celebrate their special day.

And celebrate we did. Not only did we dance the entire night away thanks to the groom’s playlist. But the following day they organized a little Disney day, complete with Bride and Groom hats, and “Happily Ever After” buttons


Things I realized at Disney. 

Boat rides with any sort of drop still make me nervous.

Holy cow the popcorn smells amazing.

I would like a scented candle that smells like Main Street

I would also like to dive into a ball pit filled with Tsum Tsums

I am impressed with my willpower to resist buying said Tsum Tsums.

Skipping is faster than walking.

Duffy bear is really cute. I want to meet and hug him one of these days.

Like I really really want to pet his fur.

A DIY craft day for making mouse ears needs to happen.

I think Matt and I’s daily style makes people think it might be Dapper Day.

I from this day forward will always have a rain bonnet in my purse.


Oh and I have some of the best friends I could ever hope for. 

Cheers to more double, triple, quadruple dates in the future. Adventues, Twirling around in the rain, and to The Magical Girl and her Pokemon Trainer! Wishing the newlyweds so much love and happiness. xo Okay. Now time for some coffee and to start the morning!,

xo Paige

P.S Disney days seem to be becoming more of a thing now that Lilykins is back in FL, and I’d love to know, where’s your favorite place to eat in Magical Kingdom? Leave you’re thoughts in the comments or send me a tweet. @MrsPaigeLavoie

P.P.S My Rain Bonnet is from “The Bonnit” Click here to check them out


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