♥ Book Release ♥ Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl

Hey Everyone,
Crazy exciting news! My very first Young Adult novel “Confidence:The Diary of an Invisible Girl” was released yesterday! I am so unbelievably happy to finally be sharing this story of friendship and fandom with the world. Click here to check out my announcement video on youtube to see my husband Matt and I press the “publish” button at midnight, and pop open a bottle of “Fancy-Pants” to celebrate. I’m a sucker for sparkling wines with silly names…especially when they’re pink!

About the book
Comic-book-obsessed Barbara Jenkins’ idea of an exciting night consists mostly of fan fiction and frozen pizza-that is, until one fated day during the start of the school year she literally crashes into the queen of the AV Club. Barbara soon begins to explore life outside her comfort zone as she is thrust head first into a new world of costumes, conventions, and crushes, as well as a HUGE secret..”
♥ What folks are saying… ♥

CONfidence makes for a solid companion as you wait in line at a convention. It’s a fun, breezy bit of fiction that may conjure all sort of nostalgic feels and, as a potential added bonus, may inspire you to participate in NaNoWriMo (as CONfidence is the product of exactly that). If you’re planning on an excursion or two to the beach this upcoming summer, CONfidence may be an ideal book to bring along. (read more)TheCareAndFeedingOfNerds.com
Paige’s writing is lively-good, engaging, and humorous.  There’s an honesty and warmth to CONfidence that I thought gave it almost a homey sort of feeling.  More than curling up with a good book, this was like hanging out with a good friend. (read more)thelaceandfogauthoress.wordpress.com

Interested in doing a review? Send me an email at MrsPaigeLavoie@gmail,com

Click Here to pick up a physical copy or ebook on amazon, and dive into a world of geekery with Barbara Jenkins as your guide, and add “Confidence” to your summer reading list. I hope it makes you involuntarily laugh out loud, and burst into giggles when you least expect it!

Before I go, I just want to say thank you for all the love and support! I’m so grateful to everyone who’s purchased a copy, to the friend who’ve sent me texts in all caps “Shipping” characters, and quoting parts that made them smile. I am so happy for this experience, and I want to thank each an everyone of you for making it so special.

Hugs and Gamma Rays, 

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